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Happy 2013!

morning 2013

I hope you all have a healthy and happy 2013! Come visit me on instagram at myhappyca I’m always better at posting there…it’s too easy. Driving from Santa Barbara caught this beautiful sunset. Those are the Channel Islands on the horizon, Island of the Blue Dolphin anyone? Morning 2013! The blue patch in the background…

Plant Party!

planter top view

The Nester is having a plant party. Need some container inspiration? Head over. I am sure you’re going to see something wonderful that is going to get you in the car headed for the nursery sometime soon… My challenge this weekend was the saddest planted container outside in the front of our house, keep scrolling…

Watercolor Kit


Hello doing an “organized” link up with Gussy today. You have to go and look, there are great ideas! I do like to organized things as much as I like to pull things out and make a mess, seriously I like both. I’ve got 3 watercolor kits (I’m thinking of a 4th right now as…

Watercolor Project


Well I finished my citrus watercolor. Even though it may not have turned out exactly like I wanted (what does) it’s done. I learned from it and next time I have a new starting point. It is one of the things I love about watercolors you continually learn. I also did some quick Valentines hearts….

Mmmm Cheeseburger(salad)

cheeseburger salad

I saw this Pioneer Woman’s cheeseburger salad and I wasn’t sure…it sounded good, it looked good but then a little odd too. I was game though- I needed some dinner motivation this week. So… made it for dinner last night and my sweet faced husband said “yes! I could eat that every night”. So do…

Thinking of Color

citrus slices

The progression of ideas is always fun. I start with one thing that leads to another than another…normal, right? So here is what my brain has been thinking about this week..   It started with jeans. I love my jeans but I kill them I wear them so much. I buy new ones every few…

Shade Project

lmp project all

I know my projects are so not dazzling but…I’m still putting it up. Most of my projects involve painting something a new color, wooo hooo. I guess I share simple things because maybe it will inspire you or motivate you and that is always good. I was inspired by a shade here and this is…

The House at Christmas

dining table christmas

So every year I like to try something new with the decorating. This year I’m trying for cozy, vintage & natural. I don’t know if I got it but I tried… Take look around and see what we’ve got going. Yes we have a white tree! After trying to keep a tree alive in Southern…

Hello Monday!

Tumbleweed P1

I feel like I’ve got a pretty good grip on all the holiday things! House is almost decorated. The presents list is almost done. I hope things are clicking away for you too. I’ve been playing around with this today…let’s see how it does for a post? Okay, I’m loving it -I’m going to keep…

Adding to the Holiday Cheer!

set of pinecones

Do you have any good projects that you’ve been doing for the holidays? We have a lot of wonderful family traditions. One is we always look for a little something crafty to add to the decorations or use as a gift. I’ve got two simple ones to share pinecones and scarves and they really couldn’t…