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Lots of Cool Stuff


If you know The Freckled Nest and the wonder that is Leigh-Ann, then maybe you’ve seen the Sponsor Giveaway (yes, my birds are part of it & yes, that may be one of the few times you see my silly face) Check it out good luck! :)

A Quick Bunting!


Wooo! we just finished up a crazy busy week of high school graduation celebration! Lots of fun, a few tears and we are ready for summer. So I put this little bunting together quickly to celebrate. Super easy- glue, glitter, knitting tape and some fabric scraps. My daughter loved it and that always makes me…

A Troubling Table

Troubling Table

Silly title silly piece of furniture! Yes everything about trying to get rid of this piece of furniture has been off. Seriously we have a piece of furniture that must be odd because we couldn’t couldn’t give it away. It is still in current production and no one wants it, oh well… So it is…

Weekend Gardening


  We had a little weekend stuff to get done. The side yard had a new wall and sidewalk put in, that project was called how 10 days becomes 5 weeks….hmm. Hello Mr. Boone (our Jack Russell) who occupied himself by digging out little rocks. We or my husband :) planted 6 white carpet roses…



The photos maybe not be beautiful but this is my favorite sandwich. Pumpernickel bagel, cream cheese, tomato, cucumber, sea salt and pepper. Summer I’m ready for you…

Hello Monday!


A little something bright and cheery to welcome in Monday! This is a creation of a ready made paper curtain and paint chips that hangs at the end of the hall-someone who is very sweet created it…

A Good Friend


Yes it’s a table :) I was putting it away getting ready for a week that I hope is not shear craziness. My daughters high school graduation is this week and we have company coming and a party to throw.┬áSo I was putting this table away and wanted to show you a work horse of…

What’s Up? No Really Look Up

A green ceiling? Yes, I can’t take credit for this but I love it, it grew on me. It came with the house and it peaked my curiosity. I wasn’t sure. I can tell you I’ve had a couple soft blue ceilings but this was new to me. It’s great big long slats have been…

A Break

Happily my daughter got a break before graduation! She needed it she has worked so hard. Lucky gal, her senior trip was to Hawaii, one of the nice things about being on the west coast. I can’t even remember where ours was…I’m sharing two of my favorite pics she took.


Meet Madame Ganna Walska! She was the amazing creative force behind Lotusland. A must see if your ever near Santa Barbara. If you like botanical gardens, go. If you like to see what a free spirited woman can do, go. If you like a good story…you know, go. More info. here