Monthly Archives: August 2011

Sunday Drive


We took a little spin out of town Sunday stopping by Underwood Farms for some produce, buckwheat honey and a few photos. The melons and corn are amazingly good right now. The alpaca with his/her sheared coat had me thinking about knitting…love alpaca yarn, also wondering is there a better transition between coat and no coat…

Tickled Orange…?


I got my first Gussy purchase for myself today and I loOVe it! It is made so lovely, perfection for my Nook. The orange zipper and ruffle are my new best friends…huh Now the wheels are spinning on who I haven’t sent a Gussy bag to and who is going to get one…I’m not naming…

Chalkboard Inspiration

I’ve been thinking of a chalkboard project lately but on a small scale. Here are a few things I’ve run across for inspiration… some complicated and beautiful and some easier in concept but obtainable and fun. I think, I hope I can come up with something good. From Etsy: From The Pleated Poppy:

I Like a Bargain


I’ve been pretty good this summer and not picked up that many things. Well I did do some early fall shopping but that doesn’t count right?… it’s fall stuff…ahmm. Well I did some light shopping. Borders is going out of business :( so sad not that many book stores left.  If you have one near…



Favorite color? Linking up for some fun today with Gussy talking about our favorite colors.  For me it’s pink. I must have passed on the love ’cause a certain kiddo loves it too. So I have pics of back to school supplies she selected and some Rose wine I selected. Don’t think they are related-think…

I’m Game


I can’t say how many times we’ve bought olives from the bar at Whole Foods not eaten them all only to have them go to mush. Sooo I saw this idea at the Improvised Life (love this blog) and I pulled out my olive jar and I’m going to give it a try. Sounds good…



Captured a few fun signs when I was out yesterday. Don’t you love the Fox sign?

August Giveaway!!


Happy Monday to you! If you haven’t checked Leigh Ann’s Freckeled Nest blog you are going to want to…There is a great giveaway going on with some really wonderful things, yes I have something included. Go join the fun:) and if you’re stopping by via FN just want to say thanks.

Soup Time


After a week of rest and recovery for my daughter this quick soup made a much needed meal. Need some comfort food this works well: one chicken breat poached in water, lemon, a little wine, salt and pepper-bring heat up let cook for 5 minutes covered and pull off the heat and let it sit….

Food Trucks!


One thing my daughter shared with us this summer is her love of food trucks. She and her friends have been hitting up their favorites all summer long. We went with her recently for a fun dinner to see what was good to eat. There were sooo many I think they went for two city…