Monthly Archives: September 2011

Happy Birthday Big Sis’


We are sooo lucky to have this lady for our big sister! We got to go spend a few days with her last week (and of course our amazing niece) when they came in to visit. Oh boy did we have fun :) We walked our mmmm legs off. Saw some beautiful sites and really…

Insta iPhone What’s Up Friday


Linking up here & here with a few iPhone captures from the week. I’ve actually got a lot of photos and just a little time. So I’m sharing just a few things…1. ventura blvd looking like fall 2. sweet little flower on our walking path 3. fall inspired light- amazing!

Oh, the Family Room


Gussy link up today is…the family room. So here is ours, in all of it’s neutrality. Well it’s not a huge space and as you can see it’s an extension of the kitchen (hey who’s that) and that is where it all happens. So calm and neutral with pops of color that seems to work….

The House that Jack Built


After 41 years- goodbye! Our childhood home has been sold. The unbelievable stories that we all could tell that happened in this house. I bet every friend, relative and guest could tell you something interesting about this house. We had a friend who rented it this past summer and he said he could write a…

Hello Monday!


We had a quiet weekend a little of bit time to relax. We had a great dinner in Ojai- it’s so beautiful and relaxing. I’ve been trying, haha, to finish a project that I said would only take 2 maybe 3 weeks. Well now the granny square blanket is about the size of a beach…

Friday’s Week of Photos


It’s kind of nice to look back and see what I caught on my phone. 1. last few things for the dorm room 2. exhausted but everything is moved in 3. marine layer hanging around taking it’s time to clear 4. somebody is missing the girl who squeezes them 5. dreaming big over beautiful fabrics…

Favorite Shops


Hello-doing another Thursday Gussy link up talking about favorite shops! I love local stores and supporting local owners. I wish I had gotten around to getting pics to show you some although I think there might be an older post or two with some of those treasures. So instead today I’m showing you some chain…

Me, Missoni & a Giveaway!


I was at Target and I saw a few pairs of Missoni flats that were still out even after the mad rush. I’m sure you’ve seen the swarms of people who have cleared out the Target stores of all things Missoni. These little chevron flats have been my favorite so far of what I’ve seen…

Hello School Year


Yes I’ve been busy! We left Sunday 9/11 and headed to college. My husband following behind me and our daughter with two cars fully packed. It was in some ways unbelievable to think of how far we’ve come in ten years. Ten years ago that same day our house was in chaos trying to figure…



One last break before the start of school. It was nice to have time together and just relax. Disney is such an easy get away for us and yes we were just there but… I’m not turning down fun and who doesn’t like a little room service. iPhone link ups today with iPhoneography and Insta…