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Hello Monday!


Yay we got beautiful weather this weekend! I think quite a few places got a break from the weather, hope you did. We took a few walks, I love these views. I know it looks like snow or sand but it is chalk. I painted a little and had my pottery class all good stuff….

iPhone Friday


I got a little bit of everything this week on my phone. A little trip to Studio City and a spin by one of our favorite places ended up with this piece of blue velvet cake, awesome. Then in the alley by the restaraunt I caught a photo of this wonderful tree house. It’s pretty…

Raising a Kid in LA

That is not what this video is called but it will give you a clue…This is hilarious but I will warn you there is cursing, cover your ears or don’t watch/listen :) My daughter sent it to me and said it makes her home sick. We just came from the post office where I was…

Hello Monday!

beet salad

Well, we like everywhere else have some weather going on. This morning it’s lightly raining and I rather like the idea of the quiet this weather brings. I’m not looking forward to grocery shopping in it but it could be worse- it could be snow. I ended up using the last portion of my dough…

iPhone Friday

walk 2

I’m a little late linking up this post with Jeanette over at Life Rearranged but I’m still doing it. Here are a few simple shots from our walks this week just enjoying the sun the hills. There is plenty of brown from the fall and winter hanging around but I’m starting to see a little…

Thinking of Color

citrus slices

The progression of ideas is always fun. I start with one thing that leads to another than another…normal, right? So here is what my brain has been thinking about this week..   It started with jeans. I love my jeans but I kill them I wear them so much. I buy new ones every few…

Food Inspiration


Need something good to eat? Maybe (minus the last one) my phone photos will help. The Saturday produce basket had us inspired. (actually this is last weeks deal, I’ve been so slow posting) All those beautiful root veggies-  rutabagas, carrots, beets, turnips and potatoes.  We roasted them with olive oil, salt & pepper. They got topped with…



This is as close as I’ll get to Downton Abbey life as I’m getting. The joke in our house is that those are the actual names of the cuts they offer. Are you feeling more like the M’lord or the M’lady today? Are you watching? Are you obsessed? We are on the countdown for season…

iPhone Friday

French toast

Well I think it’s insta Friday really…I’ve got a few things to share although it looks like a lot of food…oh well The stretch of endless desert between here and Arizona. Someone slept on the way there but did drive quite a bit on the way back. My brother in law made these apple butter…

Shade Project

lmp project all

I know my projects are so not dazzling but…I’m still putting it up. Most of my projects involve painting something a new color, wooo hooo. I guess I share simple things because maybe it will inspire you or motivate you and that is always good. I was inspired by a shade here and this is…