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A look at the Week


iPhone Friday or maybe I should call it by it’s proper name Insta Friday.  I did catch a few things on my phone. Why yes everyone has been having a sale for the holiday weekend. Some deals too good to pass up! Seriously summer weight wide leg jeans and a tank, I’m in, all I…

Something for the Weekend

green beans poached egg

I caught a recipe on a Splendid Table podcast yesterday that had me thinking of dinner but also of a great dish for the upcoming holiday weekend (I would do a link but it there isn’t one for this recipe). Very simple and after making it once I have some ideas to expand on for…

Hello Monday!


Darn it my husband got me with this, this morning! Always love complexity of something that seems simple-beautiful Did you go out to see the eclipse? The changes in the slivers of light were wonderful. I like the way the camera captured it on the right side of the sun. Elongation of the crescents was…

I Phone Friday

breakfast diptic

I haven’t done a Friday link up with Jeanette at Life Rearranged in awhile. But since I’m spending the day in bed I found time to do it. More Mother’s day pics. The kid with tan legs (she never tans so she was so tickled). Before she headed out the door I insisted on some…

Hello Monday

pineapple guava

Linking up with Lisa Leonard for some Monday  hello’s. I really enjoyed Mother’s day and I hope everyone else did as well. My sweet faced daughter came home and surprised me with a weekend visit! Loved it.  She really tricked me, which isn’t easy. I got the nicest gifts. One was a unique macro lens….


morning makeup

Fun link up today over at Jeanne Oliver. A good day for me is moisturizer, mascara and a pair of sunglasses. I really like makeup but I usually don’t wear much. Everything I use fits in theses two baskets on my counter (except lotions-medicine cabinet) and when I travel it all goes into the round…


orange yellow rose

I’ve taken a bunch garden photos over the last few weeks. It’s that time of year where everyone is starting to enjoy their gardens so here are a few things I’ve seen- green rose hips a little more fog this might be one of my favorites I’ve taken. The bees were buzzing the humming birds…

Hello Monday


I’m saying hello to a second week of my “diet”. So here is hello to part 2 of no dairy, wheat & sugar…I am so missing something baked and I think I’ve got a good recipe figured out so I can enjoy a treat. Stay tuned I’ll share as soon as soon as I’ve got…

First Saturday in May

vertical julep

The Kentucky Derby has me feeling a little home sick today. Maybe I’m a little better about it with this Mint Julep in my hand, thank you kind sir for making it for me. Somewhere are beautiful silver julep cups but I have hidden them from myself very well.  This baby is made with agave…

May Gray

fog 4

May is here with the fog rolling in right along with it. Fog always remind me of being little and my Mom walking me to school, she would always recite this on a foggy morning as we walked. The fog comes on little cat feet. It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches…