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Hello Monday!


more stone fruit in season! Waiting for these guys to ripen a bit but they smell delicious. tie dye project under way. Someone is already working on their halloween costume. I experimented with a doing a little dip dye for some ombre effects. This is just a piece of canvas. Now I have to create…

iPhone Friday errr Saturday


Better late than never. A little computer glitch got me…Thanks Greg for fixing it! :) when we moved to Southern California and I saw magnolias growing every place it made me so happy. For some reason I thought they only did well in the humid south. They are one grand tree! little miss happy kindly…

Inspiration: Part I

flw 8

A little getaway gave us a few days at the Arizona Biltmore. It’s such a relaxing property with all kinds of goodies but I love the buildings. Designed by Albert Chase McArthur (a Frank Lloyd Wright student) the property is full of really wonderful things that are total eye candy for me. I’ll share! I…

A Loving Family

from a daughter who is super crazy about this guy I love my family!

iPhone Friday


What a good and busy week it’s been. Someone is back from college and after a week of finals, packing and moving she hit home like tornado! And no it’s not all put away yet but it is washed and folded and organized so that’s good :) 1)I have no idea how she got everything…

Ummm Wait a Minute that is Pretty Good!

strawberry shake

That is what my daughter said after first being iffy on this new recipe. I gave her sip of this Strawberry Peanut Butter Milkshake then she then had 5 more :) This is another Green Kitchen Stories recipe I’ve been making. This dairy free shake is perfect on a hot day and it’s good for…

Sum Summ Summertime!

watermelon II

Summer’s red, white and blue has me thinking of a few meals that kicked off our summer… Red-fresh picked raspberries! Just coming into season here, they are good but in a few weeks will be amazing! The little watermelons we’ve picked up lately have been sugar sweet. My favorite watermelon treat is simple: sliced with…

Green Kitchen

cookie stack 1

I came across the best app! It’s called Green Kitchen. It’s a vegetarian recipe app that has a great back story but most of all wonderful, healthy recipes. Well worth the few dollars to download. Even if you aren’t a vegetarian the recipes are so unique and fresh you’ll want to try them…LOVE the way…