Some Indoor Gardening

ruffled cyclamen

Oh boy, how I’m wanting to get out and plant. Even thought we are having great weather the winds here can turn anything to paper in an afternoon. So while I’m waiting I’ve been picking out some things for inside. I need some color!

I put together these terrariums awhile ago. So wanted share what worked and what didn’t.

I had a fear that the smaller terrarium might not have enough head space/airspace. It didn’t, the little plant in the middle didn’t last, but…the moss was looking pretty good.

So I pulled out the bad spot in the middle and replaced it with this fuzzy looking moss I found at Seal Beach. A little soak and it was ready to use.

It’s looking great now, yay!

The big jar is very happy, there is even a baby fern growing ah, isn’t that sweet ;) I ended up putting some of the new moss in this terrarium too, I hope it doesn’t upset the balance… If you like this moss I think if you go to Etsy you can find it. The only other thing I to share with you about the terrariums is keep and eye on them, as the days are getting longer the change in the sun can will effect the plants. You might need to move them around.

I found some beautiful cyclamen yesterday. They might have me inspired to drag out my watercolors again. The ruffled one is new to me, love it.

These wax flowers (?) they always use for filler but I like them on their own too. Alright it’s a little blurry…

I bought this orchid about a month ago. It is still going strong. I am still toying with getting a macro lens. I think I need it, we’ll see…

I guess I need to focus on something other than pink flowers…looks like another trip!

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