Laissez Les Bons Temps Rouler!

king cake 5

Yep it’s Monday- I’m talking about Tuesday, last Tuesday but it was a good Tuesday! Our Fat Tuesday last week wasn’t so fat but it was delicious. A little quiet without little sweet face around with her buddies this year but we still celebrated.

Have you been buying up these lately? Always a bargain, the bonus is they smell like spring!

We made red beans with a velouté and rice. No meat ’cause we weren’t in the mood. For the veloute cook the flour with olive oil until it is lightly brown, add broth-veggie or chicken and some wine & some butter if you like at the end.

Next some bell pepper, celery, onion and some garlic. You’ll end up with a light sauce studded with a little bit of veggies. You can throw in a bay leaf too. Then cheat, drain and rinse a couple cans of Loiusianna red beans. This gets added to the sauce and you warm them through. They can cook together for 20 minutes or so. Salt, pepper and some Tabasco it’s ready to eat….Nothing fancy with the rice, although I did soak it for awhile before I cooked it, it helps remove the starch, also I potato cook my rice. Do you do this? Rice, a bunch of salted water not measured and cook until grains are tender, drain. It is so much faster and always turns out right. Then a big green salad with a nice garlicky dressing, done.

Sazerac might be my favorite drink. Up for something that will make you smile? Take a rocks glass coated with Absente pour it out, in a shaker add whiskey, simple syrup, Peychaud bitters and ice- shake well. Add ice to the glass and strain the contents of the shakers into the glass. A good twist of lemon peel over the glass and drop it in the glass. That my friends is a little bit of heaven.

I made a batard of crusty bread but most importantly I made a king cake. If you haven’t had one, it is like a coffee cake with a yeast dough but soft. The center has brown sugar and cinnamon. I zested a little orange and of course gave it a glaze and sprinkle of purple, green and yellow.

The little baby is tradition too. It gets put into the cake and the person that gets it has the party next year or buys the next king cake or has good luck I’ve heard all three versions. With just two of us I skipped it, it would have been a little weird.

Okay that is our kick off for the Lenten season! I hope you had some fun too.

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