Hello Monday


I haven’t done a Hello Monday post in awhile so today I’m linking up over at Lisa Leonard. She has a really good offer going if you’ve had your eye on anything. We have so much going on in the next few weeks (moving) that we have tried to squeeze some fun summer stuff into our July. So I’m saying hello to a week of boxes and organizing and thinking about the fun that’s been had so far and a little about the fun that is to come…

Sometimes even when your kiddo is an adult they don’t want to hold still for a photo.

We stayed at The Mission Ranch Inn in Carmel it’s beautiful with views of the mountains, ocean and grazing sheep. As you can see from the following photos we enjoyed staring at ┬áthose wooly headed sheep.

Quiet, serene the best way to be for some down time.

La Bicyclette is amazing in Carmel and this crispy light pizza (that is a thin crispy crust, seriously perfect) broke me away from my gluten free diet. Wild mushrooms, white truffles, fava beans I mean why wouldn’t it…(sheep milk cheese though so I was still kinda’ good)

We did a quick stop in Carpenteria for coffee and why yes a gluten free cupcake. The chocolate ones were fresh from the oven oh my…

This Greek salad has been in heavy rotation (not a rut, rotation ha) this past week. I always do some variation of this salad… so the spin lately has been- roasting a couple handfuls of cherry tomatoes in olive oil & salt for the dressing. The dressing is those roasted tomatoes, olive oil, oregano, lemon juice salt, pepper, parsley that gets added to fresh tomatoes, onions, cucumber, and I’ve also been adding goat cheese (vs. feta) and red quinoa. Really a whole meal on it’s own but add a little something off the grill doesn’t hurt !

Passed this field off the 101. What do think is growing in that electric lime field? Alright I’m off to more packing!

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  1. Angie
    August 1, 2012 | 8:11 pm

    Beautiful pictures!!