Smoked Pork Chops

kraut 3

Love them thats’s what I have to say about them-but I only really love them with sauerkraut. I was so happy to see smoked pork chops at our local grocery they can be tricky to find, at least in So. California.

They are so easy because you just have to warm them up to make them better smother the chops in sauerkraut. Smokey like ham the sauerkraut’s tanginess make a nice balance to those chops. Did you know sauerkraut boosts your immune system? Yep that just makes it another good reason to enjoy it for an autumn dinner.

I do think I make some delicious sauerkraut. Super easy I learned this version from a German chef…I personally like canned kraut the fresh pack is okay but never sour enough. I take a can of sauerkraut drained/rinsed and put into a bowl add  a little oil, pinch or two of fresh salt, pepper, couple of juniper berries, couple bay leaves and some brown sugar. You can taste it and adjust the seasoning. This gets spooned over the smoked pork chops covered with foil and baked. When the pork chops are heated through I pull the foil off and let it brown a little on the top.

For me this with a big green salad and mashed potatoes is perfect (fast) comfort food.

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