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Things one might see in Chicago in the winter…You can play this like eye spy just incase it’s rainy, cold and your trapped inside on this day in January. No? Okay here are a few things I did or saw in Chicago this week besides freeze my legs off.

I got to meet my little nephew- so sweet!! And instead of taking photos of him I just wanted to hold him and observe him and be in the moment. Sometimes I have to put the camera or phone down and just be…or is it BE. He was the most content baby and easy to laugh. One shot of me and my sister. My favorite kind of photo of myself in the dark and out of focus! Seriously if I could have my sunglasses on it would have even been better, ha.

Always new places to explore we heard a little Jazz ate some great food, BLT with fried avocado was a highlight, homemade sausages with red cabbage, delicious as was a paper bag of Portillo’s hotdogs, yum.

The city was almost in black and white with the leaves off the trees and usually gray skies. Saw some good art! There were pieces like old friends to make me happy plus some new that got me thinking. I had no trouble finding inspiration just being in the city looking at the light on the buildings or water.

I will share one newer travel thing I’ve been dragging along- #11 spray. It’s good for public spaces (hello plane seats and tray) full of essential oils and colloidal silver the scent is rosemary and frankincense, wonderful. I’m hoping it’s been a good germ deflector! You can find “everyw’air sprays” at I bought some from her at Deck the Halls 2012 and I’m so happy I found it.

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