Soups On!

veggies for the soup


I have 4 or 5 different types of vegetable soup I make but I was looking for a good one everyone would enjoy. ¬†Sometimes I make vegetable soup with just veggies like a minestrone or I’ll make a beautiful clear pot of oxtail soup with those beautiful white bones but my daughter threatened me if I fed her any (can’t get by the visual I guess or maybe being being new to eating meat again) then there’s borscht with it’s ruby red broth that reminds me of childhood, oh the choices. I haven’t been able to make beef vegetable soup for years so easy pick and I was happy to get to it. Bonus it freezes well and could be sent off to college. With all the rain and chilly weather hitting everywhere you might need a big bowl yourself this week.

I use a chuck roast. Not the first cut I would usually pick but I used what they had and looked good at our little market. Chuck has great flavor but a lot of fat and also to has to be cooked very slowly so you end up with nice tender meat. Low temperatures and fat skimming took care of both those problems.

The chuck roast I dried with a paper towel salt and peppered well both sides. In a large stock pot I put canola oil and did a nice browning sear on a medium heat, both sides. Take your time with browning it’s slow but the flavor is so worth it. Pull the roast out of the pan add your diced carrots, onions and celery, get some celery leaves in there ¬†they’re packed with flavor. As in all of these ingredients use as much or as little as you like. On the onion though I like a finer dice I’m not one for big slippery onion slices on my spoon.

Make sure you scrape up the bits of browned fond from the bottom as your cooking the onion, celery and carrots. These get cooked to a tender/translucent stage. Pour a cup of water into the bottom of the stock pot when the veggies have sauteeed you can to scrape up the brown fond off the bottom you’ll want every delicious bit of your work and flavor. The chuck roast went back in and then the rest of the vegetables got added.

These veggies all went in at once, everything but tomatoes. I was lucky I had my husband slicing and dicing away on the veggies so much easier. This soup ended up with cabbage 1/2 head, fresh corn cut off the cob 3 ears, Trader Joe’s frozen haricot verts (if you haven’t had them they are as delicious as fresh, seriously) 1/2 bag, potatoes (a waxy potato like a red or yukon gold holds up really well) around 4 cups and then later in the day a large can of diced tomatoes, 28 ounces. The stock pot got filled with water so that the veggies are all submerged around 3/4 of the way did it for my pot. Cover the pot now and wait…the soup cooks on a low heat for several hours (no boiling just simmering) when the potatoes are soft and slide off a fork and the meat is starting to soften add the tomatoes, also a good time to add salt to taste. Then it continues cooking a few more hours. It’s a lot of cooking time but it’s going to be worth it!

When it’s completely cooked I took the meat out of the stock pot with tongs. I put the meat on a cutting board and took off the fat and cut the meat into cubes. If you’ve cooked it low and slow there won’t be any connective tissue to worry you’ll just have tender pieces of meat. All the meat goes back into the pot.

Now grab a big spoon and a bowl and skim off all the fat from the broth. A little bit of work but worth it. With what is a short list of ingredients you’re going to have a delicious soup. I did send off some to school no news back yet as to whether it was ok or not I think she thinks there is ox tail in it, so if your looking you’ll see the photos see your fine…I think :)


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