Detox Salad

detox salad

Maybe you’ve been juicing everything and you’d now like something to chew, hehe. ¬†This salad was something I learned to make from California before we lived here way back in 2001, yikes that was awhile ago!

Does it detox your system? Ya’ got me but it’s full of green water filled veggies and eating it just makes you feel good so let’s say it does…It’s a good mix of flavors and I’m sure you’ll love it mmmkay. No exact measurements just eyeball it!

detox salad

Detox Salad:


fennel & go ahead and get a little of the ferny tops too




nicoise olives


wash, dry all the above (minus the olives) and cut everything into nice chunky slices. I like a little cilantro and a lot of parsley- try adding a good handful.


super easy I just add it directly to the veggies and give it a good stir

a little olive oil

a lot of fresh lime juice

It’s like springtime on a plate…

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