Hello Potato

sweet potato:chard

Hello to a week of finishing up the studio and to easy meals.

Baked potato or baked sweet potato I’m totally down with either for a meal. They can be filled with all kinds of wonderful things, being quick to make is all that much better.

sweet potato:chard

sp ready

As the weather gets warmer anything fast for a meal is good, salads-check, grilled chicken-check and baked potatoes um yep. That is what the next few months will be like here around dinner time.

We are closing in on finishing a project at home. The big things are done and now it’s all the little things that are going to take more actual time than any construction… Quick dinner yes please!

bath remodel

bathroom redo
early on shots of the studio


bouquet ready
when the project started the flowers were just starting to show now it seems like we have gone straight into summer blooms

pan fried steak

Okay,a little off track back to the potatoes-a layer of sauteed greens and then topped with either chicken, steak, mushrooms or black beans (the black bean idea via Lisa Leonard). To go quickly pan fry the steak or chicken with some Montreal seasoning (dried orange peel, fennel, salt, garlic plus many other goodies) a little pat of butter at the end if I’m feeling decadent then I remove it from the pan add a little olive oil, green onions, capers, salt and pepper and a mix of greens. Not too much difference in cooking time if you’re doing this for 1 or 8.

chard & arugula

Spinach, Swiss chard, arugula or any green that can take being heated works. I cook them just until they start to collapse so they stay green. That my friend is it super easy no extra butter needed no extra salt to make it delicious.

Another amazing thing to do with a sweet potato is this My New Roots Recipe for oven baked sweet potato fries. A little bit of time to cut the fries but not too bad.

sweet potato fries cut up

sweet potato fries

They are crispy and delicious and they actually get crispier as they cool. How great is that? The favorite dipping sauce around here is parsley, garlic, lemon zest and olive oil whirled around in the food processor. If you like sweet potato fries these will make your week. Linking up for Hello’s over at Lisa Leonard‘s for some spring time motivation.

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